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Hand Clinic

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand Therapy

Our highly specialised team are ready to listen and empower you on your journey to recovery.

We set the standard for Advanced Scope hand therapy practice in Bendigo & regions.

We are the only practice to be fully integrated with an on-site specialist Plastic Surgical team.

AHTA Accredited Hand Therapist
Brett Toy Bendigo Hand Therapist

Why Choose Sandhurst Specialist Hand Clinic?

Highly experienced and qualified

Our therapists are fully accredited by the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA), the highest level of recognition in Australia

No Referral Needed

No need to spend time waiting for a GP appointment

Compassionate care

We are ready to listen and empower you on your journey to recovery

Best Practice Standards

Our treatments are based on current and emerging research evidence

Local team

Raised and operating in the Bendigo region for the long term.

Collaboration & Teamwork

We will work together with all of your treating health and medical professionals to achieve the best possible outcome.

Bendigo Hand Therapy

We offer treatment for:

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Urgent Care

An injury within the last 7 days. This may include a dislocation or fracture of the hand and wrist, a tendon injury such as Mallett finger or a laceration.

Work related injury

Work-related Injury

Recent or persisting pain related to your work duties. This may include such conditions as DeQuervains tenosynovitis or lateral epicondylitis (note a GP referral required if intending to claim workers compensation).

Integrated surgical care

Integrated Surgical Care

If you are having surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, dupuytrens disease or trigger finger with our Plastic Surgeons at Sandhurst, we look forward to continuing your journey.

Sporting injury

Sporting Injury

A recent injury at sport and want to return to play? This may include a jersey finger, scaphoid fracture, skier’s thumb ligament injury or sudden pain.

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Medicare EPC plans

Arthritis or chronic pain and referred on a care plan from your doctor (note a gap fee will apply to these consults).

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