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Highly Experienced Hand
& Arm Specialists

Our hand therapists are highly experienced and work closely as an integrated team with our colleagues at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery.  Using the advanced scope model, the hand therapist may lead your care, and offer extended services, to improve your journey to recovery. This may include:

Accurately diagnosing your condition based on your assessment and any tests or imaging done

Requesting and accurately interpreting further tests or imaging such as x-rays and scans should they be necessary to reach a diagnosis

Prioritising non surgical treatments such as hand therapy or corticosteroid injection where appropriate

Identifying and prioritising those patients where expedited surgery is clearly indicated and facilitating access to this.

Providing medical certificates (and Workcover Certificates of Capacity)

Early identification of post-operative issues such as pain and infection; and facilitating timely access to solutions.

Our Team

Brett Toy

Brett has gained extensive experience as an Occupational Therapist and Hand Therapist both in Australia and overseas. Having graduated in 1997, he has over 25 years of clinical experience.  He has achieved the highest recognised qualification in Australia as an Accredited Hand Therapist.

Brett has a strong working relationship with the team at Sandhurst Plastic Surgery, having been a lead therapist since the practice inception.

Brett is involved in teaching hand therapy and splinting at LaTrobe University for over 10 years.

When not at work he can be found chasing his kids around the soccer pitch.

AHTA Accredited

Look for the logo of an accredited hand therapist, which is someone who has met the stringent guidelines for qualification as set out by the Ahta. This is at least five years experience treating only upper limb injuries, and a wide range of additional education. 

A hand therapist studies broadly in the areas of upper limb anatomy and biomechanics, wound care, exercise prescription, interpreting X-rays and scans, and splint making just to name a few – making them a one stop shop for any pre or post operative conditions of the upper limb.

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